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Join us for an evening of fun, excitement and entertainment above the clouds as we celebrate OIC’s international impact. Proceeds from this event will help ensure that all children with orthopaedic conditions have a future where they can grow well and play well.


7:00 PM - 11:00 PM


3100 Airport Ave., Santa Monica CA 90405


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OIC’s partnership with UCLA Health has provided enhanced opportunities for research and education. Scientists and clinicians work together in close proximity, stimulating the cross-fertilization of theories, knowledge and experience that generates valuable new ideas and therapies. The alliance between UCLA and OIC creates a platform for unparalleled contributions to patient care and scientific discovery in orthopedic surgery and musculoskeletal medicine.


Harry McKellop, Ph.D. holds eight patents and numerous coveted awards in his field. While conducting the development of wear-resistant polyethylenes, McKellop was also an effective leader of one of the most prolific orthopaedic research centers worldwide. His prolific work has resulted in 12 patents to date on novel methods to reduce polyethylene wear in orthopaedic implants. As a teacher and mentor, he has touched the lives of countless orthopaedic fellows, residents and volunteer student workers who spent time in his labs over the past three decades. Many of these pupils have gone on to become noteworthy clinicians and bioengineers in their own right.


When a child is in need of orthopedic care, the speed of intervention is critical to his or her recovery. Many uninsured or under-insured kids experience delayed treatment, often with a lifetime of residual effects. Thanks to generous benefactors like you, Orthopaedic Institute for Children provides timely, first-rate medical care to the children we serve. Click below to meet our kids!




Help Children Take Flight.

Our annual Stand For Kids Gala is made possible by our amazing sponsors! Become a sponsor today and join a list of generous individuals, businesses, and community leaders that help us improve the lives of children who need our help to walk, run, stand tall, grow well, and play well.

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Join us for an evening of fun, excitement and entertainment above the clouds as we celebrate OIC’s international impact. Proceeds from this event will help ensure that all children with orthopaedic conditions have a future where they can grow well and play well.


  • June 2, 2018
  • 7:00PM-11:00PM


  • Museum of Flying
  • 3100 Airport Ave.
  • Santa Monica, CA
  • Complimentary Valet Parking (Rideshare encouraged)
  • Attire: Cocktail (theme festive optional)

2018 Gala Committee

  • Claudia Costa, Chairwoman
  • Bradley J. Feld, Chairman
  • Rachel Davis
  • Patrick Lilley
  • Anel Lopez Gorham
  • Kerbanu Pudumjee
  • Shawn Silletti

2017 Highlights


The mission of the Orthopaedic Institute for Children (OIC) is to provide outstanding care for children with musculoskeletal disorders and to advance care worldwide through medical education and scientific research.




When Isabella Lopez was born, her neonatologist referred her mother, Claudia Munoz, to an orthopaedic specialist who diagnosed her baby girl with clubfoot and arthogryposis, conditions that tighten and twist her joints and keep her from moving easily.

"At the time, I knew that she would need special care," Munoz says. "But I didn't know much about her conditions or the implications for her life."

After Munoz and her husband were unable to find high-quality affordable orthopaedic care in Mexico, Isabella's orthopedist recommended the Orthopaedic Institute for Children's International Children's Program in Calexico and Mexicali.

"He felt like they had more knowledge about our daughter's condition," she says. "He was confident that OIC could help her."

Family members in the Los Angeles area housed Isabella's family on each of their many trips to the clinic. Initially, Munoz says that she worried about expenses, as frequent trips to the clinic were often days lost at work. But because OIC provided Isabella's care free of charge, her worry was only temporary.

Over time, as Isabella's mobility improved, not only did OIC's surgeon's educate Munoz and her husband about their daughter's conditions, they built their confidence in their ability to make decisions that could affect Isabella's life forever.

What's more, the kind and attentive staff at the International Children's Program treated them like family, helping to coordinate Isabella's follow-up care and sharing in her parents' excitement at each new milestone achievement. 

"I personally had never experienced this kind of attention and compassion," Munoz says. "They treat Isabella, my husband and I like we are part of their family, and I'm very grateful for that."



This year, through our International Children’s Program, we met a brave 10 year-old Nigerian, As’ad Kashim, who was born with Cerebral Palsy (CP), a condition marked by impaired muscle coordination and/or other impairments. His muscles were so constricted he could only squat like a baseball catcher and hobble about. His mom, Sha’awa, searched feverishly—but fruitlessly—in Africa, India, and Saudi Arabia for someone to help him walk. Without an appointment, but with a lot of hope, the Kashim family arrived in our lobby.

Following a thorough assessment and discussions with the family, Dr. Scaduto, assisted by surgical resident Dr. Allis, performed six hours of surgery on As’ad’s ankles, hamstrings, and knees. Once As’ad’s post-operative casts and braces were removed, he began extensive physical therapy, which he continues to participate in today, seeing continual improvement.

A giver himself, even at such a young age, As’ad has inspired others with his tenacity of spirit by sharing his amazing story with OIC supporters. He has continued his journey of faith and recovery by walking across a dance floor, surrounded by 170 cheering guests, and has spoken at multiple OIC events, expressing his gratitude for our donors’ “support to cover the cost of” his care.

As’ad also volunteers at an orphanage, reading to children with CP. He is the true definition of courage, determination, and selflessness – a great spirit who now has the opportunity to bring his special gifts to the world more fully and easily, thanks to our OIC family.



When 17-year-old Bibiana Mashamba was 10, intruders ransacked her home in Tanzania and cut off her right leg and two fingers. As horrible as the incident was, it wasn’t the young girl’s first brush with tragedy. Bibiana and her sister, Tindi, both of whom are albino, also lost their parents to AIDS.

Incredibly, Tanzania’s first albino member of parliament, Al-Shymaa Kway-Geer, saw their story and adopted the two girls. Because albinos are mistreated and often the victims of crimes in Africa, the politician and activist, who had herself been victimized, immediately felt for the sisters and was happy to take them in.

But Bibiana eventually outgrew the artificial limb she was given after the tragic accident. Aside from living in pain, she feared that she wouldn’t be able to run with her old prosthesis, which didn’t even bend at the knee, if she was ever attacked again.

With the support of several organizations, in April 2015, Bibiana and her family traveled to Los Angeles to meet with Dr. Anthony A. Scaduto, President and CEO of Orthopaedic Institute for Children (OIC), who would serve as her very own pediatric orthopaedic surgeon.

After her first consultation with Dr. Scaduto, she visited the Hanger Inc. facility in Encino, Calif., to begin the fitting process for her new prosthesis.

While Dr. Scaduto and the team at Hanger Inc. worked closely to develop a plan of care for Bibiana, which included physical therapy to improve her gait, she and her family stayed comfortably at the Ronald McDonald House in Pasadena.

Because of her doctors and the care she received at OIC, now Bibiana can not only run, but she lives without pain and without fear.



Imagine having a 15 - year old son who suffered a knee injury on the basketball court. You took him to a local emergency department in the Valley where he was X-rayed and t old he needed a cast. Because of his health insurance plan (he was underinsured), he was turned away – told to go to OIC. Thanks to OIC’s expertise, he was quickly diagnose d with a far more serious condition – a rar e injury that could have cost him his limb, possibly his life. Within hours of diagnosis, Khedhar had emergency surgery for Compartment Syndrome. OIC saved this young man’s leg, and preserved his passion f or playing his favorite sport.

Specialty care for ALL kids make s a real difference!



Imagine not knowing that your daughter was fighting to ignore a horrible pain because she wanted so much to celebrate her 14th birthday. Once you learned she was in pain, you had an X-ray taken. Then you were told what every parent fears – that your child had malignant bone cancer. Being uninsured, and so having no surgeons available in their home state of Nevada to take care of their daughter, Lizeth's parents turned to OIC’s Dr. Nick Bernthal. He removed the tumor and replaced the affected tibia with an implant, saving Lizeth’s leg. After her surgery in Los Angeles, Lizeth returned to Nevada for a series of chemotherapy treatments, and by May 1, 2016 was cancer-free! Lizeth’s family was not burdened with excessive medical bills because the care was provided free of charge, thanks to the generous donors of OIC and our partnership with UCLA Health. Now Lizeth can celebrate her birthdays free of pain!


We provide quality, patient-centric specialty care to all children. We pride ourselves on our high patient satisfaction and positive clinical outcomes.
In partnership with UCLA Health, we train more than 70 combined post graduate fellows, graduate residents, Ph.D. candidates in research, medical students, and nurse practitioners annually.
OIC is a hub for genetic, biomechanical, clinical, and translational research related to pediatric musculoskeletal disorders.
For more information or a tour of our facility, please call us at (213) 742-1500.


Please contact us to become a sponsor, make a donation, or learn more about OIC and the annual Stand for Kids Gala.


Event Details


Valet parking will be provided, but we encourage all guest to use Lyft or Uber.


The event theme will be a classical renaissance resurgence with a bohemian edge, a vibrant mix of world influences in a variety of textures from weathered leather to burnout velvets at the base. A free flowing style with whimsical fabrics in artistic offbeat designs with dynamic pops of color. Venetian Carnival meets Rock and Roll with an eclectic mix of the hippie, nomad and gypsy lifestyle, adventure and reflective of a music, artistic or literary lifestyle. Bohemian All Feathers & Fringe Sensual Textures Smooth Rock-n-Roll Vintage Inspired with a Classical Edge.
We will also have an on-site marketplace with lots of fun dress up items to add to your outfit!


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committee members

Katie Cromer, Chair
Jennifer Kurtley-Courpron, Chair
Claudia Costa
Rachel Davis
Anel Lopez-Gorham
Barbara Segor
Shawn Silletti
Marianne Trintignac

honorary committee members

Ty & Holly Burrell
Fred Cromer
Henri Courpron
Jonathan Davis, Jr.
Stuart & Jenny Douglas
Leonard & Rachel Feder
America Ferrera & Ryan Piers Williams
Heather Freedman
James Gallagher
Kathryn Gallagher
Peter Gallagher & Paula Harwood
Christopher Gorham
Hill Harper
Luigi Irauzqui
Anjelah Johnson & Manwell Reyes
Ana Ortiz & Noah Lebenzon
Anthony A. Scaduto, M.D.
Jason Silletti
Myriam Silva, M.D.
Mauricio Silva, M.D.
Tanc Sade
Stephani Victor

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