Spine Biomechanics

Researchers at JVL are involved in the testing, evaluation, and post-market surveillance of a variety of implants and devices used for the treatment of spine disorders. Some of the projects have included:

  • Design and fabrication of a lumbar disc wear simulator
  • Preclinical wear evaluation total disc implants
  • Biomechanical evaluation of posterior dynamic stabilization devices
  • Custom design and fabrication of testing apparatuses to evaluate novel 3-D printed implants
  • Implant retrieval analysis & post-market surveillance studies

Current Research

The JVL researchers have collaborated with Sami Masri, PhD from the University of Southern California Engineering School to study the kinematics of spine. Specifically, mathematical models have been developed that describe motions and mechanical responses of the spine under load.  These techniques have been used previously by Dr. Masri and his colleagues to characterize the mechanics of bridges and other engineering structures, and have been used to determine whether structures are damaged after accidents or natural disasters. Given a sufficiently large sample size, the technique will allow monitoring of spine health and recovery in patients.



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