Progressive Surgical Intervention

The last decade has been a time of exciting improvements in the ability to treat hemophilic patients in a more standard orthopaedic manner. Improved clotting products and their availability have made invasive procedures much safer and more common than in the past. This progress is due to the hematologist having the ability to accurately dose and place the patients on clotting factor to bring the patients’ clotting levels to within effective ranges. The orthopaedic surgeon can then perform a very watchful and biomechanically effective surgery. The physical therapy is conducted and advanced as if the patient were a normal clotting patient, but with a much more watchful eye on any variation from standard progress or signs of bleeding. Orthopædic HTC has found that these complicated treatments can be extremely successful, but only with an absolute dedication to the planning phases and education of the patients as to the rigors they are about to face. Because of these interventions, patients are now much better able to live productive and enjoyable lives with decreased pain and increased function. Tomorrow’s innovations will make their lives even better.