Joint Arthroplasty: Implant Retrieval & Failure Analysis

The goal of implant retrieval analysis is to provide information to the orthopaedic community that unravels the story that every revised implant has to tell about its performance in the human body. We use a variety of techniques: histopathology of periprosthetic tissues, gross and microscopic examination of fixation interfaces and evaluation of wear and damage to the implant surfaces.

Current Research

The JVL Implant Retrieval Lab actively collaborates with multiple surgeons and institutions nationally and internationally. The Lab offers many interesting opportunities for student involvement at various levels of training and study.

In conjunction with clinical information and imaging studies, retrieval observations and measurements advance understanding of important factors affecting fixation, stability and wear performance in the patient.

The JVL Implant Retrieval Lab has an extensive archive of retrieved joint replacements and associated tissues spanning four decades, covering several generations of evolving implant designs and concepts.



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