Clubfoot Outcome & Biomechanics

The JVL Researchers in close collaboration with orthopaedic surgeons, have conducted studies on the treatment and outcome of idiopathic clubfoot. An IRB approved database of more than 300 infants treated at OIC has been established, and used to study all aspects of clubfoot treatment. Some of the questions recently addressed:

  • How early should an infant with clubfoot begin treatment?
  • At what age should an infant with clubfoot be expected to walk?
  • Is there a correlation between severity of clubfoot and gender?

Current Research

Working with orthopaedic surgeons, JVL researchers designed a study to compare the corrective potential of among three surgical procedures commonly conducted in clubfoot patients who experience a relapse after 2 ½ years of age. Optical motion tracking was used to measure forefoot and hindfoot motions as a function of tension applied via the anterior tibialis.



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