Spine Biomechanics

In the past two decades, major advances have been made in the development of implants and instrumentation for spine surgery. Several novel designs of artificial discs have been introduced to treat disc degeneration or injuries while preserving anatomic motion, and advanced materials have been used for fusion cages and other devices. Researchers at JVL have developed and used state-of-the-art methods for testing, evaluation, and post-market surveillance of a variety of implants and devices used for the treatment of spine disorders.  

Current Research

  • Design and fabrication of a laboratory wear simulator for spine implants
  • Pre-clinical evaluation of artificial lumbar discs and artificial cervical discs for wear resistance, fixation, and kinematics 
  • Laboratory simulation of surgical releases and maneuvers preformed during spine deformity correction surgery
  • Biomechanical evaluation of posterior dynamic stabilization devices
  • Custom design and fabrication of testing apparatuses to evaluate novel 3-D printed fusion cages
  • Retrieval and failure analysis, and post-market surveillance studies of artificial discs and other spine implants 


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