“My Life, Our Future”

Drs. Kasper and Quon are collaborating in a nation-wide project, called “My Life, Our Future”, sponsored by the NationalHemophilia Foundation and ATHN.  We are obtaining DNA samples and other blood samples from as many hemophilia patients as are willing to participate. The samples are being sent to a central laboratory at the Puget Sound Blood Center in Seattle. The first test will be a determination of the mutation causing the patient’s hemophilia, and the result will be sent back to the hemophilia center. Then DNA and other samples will be stored in a repository, so that follow-up research projects can be carried out by interested investigators. If such a repository had been in place before Dr. Howard initiated the study on inhibitors in black vs. white patients, it would have been far easier to accumulate the needed samples.  The repository may well be of help in the investigation of inhibitors in Hispanic vs. non-Hispanic white patients.