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Orthopaedic Surgery Saved My Son’s Leg

Sometimes, what appears to be a simple injury can turn out to be much more serious when looked at by the right orthopaedic care providers. This is something Teresita Munoz knows from experience.

Just a month after his 14th birthday, Teresita’s son, Khedhar, suffered what appeared to be a minor knee injury on the basketball court.

“There was no big accident or anything,” says Teresita. But her son was experiencing pain that wouldn’t go away. Obviously, he’d injured himself somehow.

Teresita knew her son needed medical attention, so they headed straight to a local hospital.

X-rays revealed a knee fracture that would need a cast, but because Khedhar was underinsured, the hospital would not cast him.

Instead, the doctor sent him home with a brace and a recommendation to go to the Orthopaedic Institute for Children (OIC). Teresita brought her son to OIC the next day and explained what had happened.

She says she was not expecting what occurred next.: OIC discovered that her son’s injury was not just a knee fracture. He had compartment syndrome, a dangerous buildup of pressure inside the muscles in his leg.

If left untreated, compartment syndrome can lead to decreased blood flow to the nerves and cells in the muscles—which can cause permanent damage.

Khedhar needed surgery to save his leg. And Anthony A Scaduto, MD, President and CEO of OIC, was ready to do just that.

“Dr. Scaduto is our angel,” says Teresita. “He came to us and said, ‘There is severe damage to the knee. This is compartment syndrome.’ He explained what that was and that my son needed surgery right away or he could lose his leg.”

That night—just 24 hours after the emergency room at the first hospital had told Teresita that her son would just need a cast—Khedhar underwent orthopaedic surgery to save his leg.

The recovery process was long, but Dr. Scaduto and the rest of the care providers at OIC were there for Khedhar every step of the way.

A year later, he was attending physical therapy twice a week, but otherwise back to a normal life, according to Teresita.

“Now, he’s 100% better than before,” she explains. “He’s even back to playing basketball.”

“Dr. Scaduto took the time to talk with me and give me support and let me know my son will be fine,” she adds.

“I don’t have words to express my gratitude. It’s a special love that I cannot explain. When you see somebody put their knowledge into their hands to do the best for your son so he can walk again—I bless him every single day.”

Teresita says that people ask her why she travels all the way across the city to bring her son to OIC. She tells them, “It’s worth it to see the best doctor and the best team.”