Sports Medicine
Sports Medicine

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When your child has a sports injury, getting the right care immediately could be the difference between playing again and watching on the sidelines.

At the Center for Sports Medicine, our highest priority is to get young athletes back in the game—and not just next season, but for the long haul. Our treatment approach goes beyond just healing broken bones or helping kids get through physical therapy. Our goals for each child include:

  • Providing expert clinical care
  • Making sure young athletes understand what it will take to return to their activity—and helping them get there
  • Helping them prevent injury or re-injury

Pediatric Sports Medicine Tailored to Each Patient

OIC’s Center for Sports Medicine offers surgical and non-surgical approaches, depending on your child’s injury, at two convenient locations.

Our onsite Urgent Care Center and Emergency Room provide same-day care for a variety of orthopaedic sports injuries. And we offer next-day follow-up or specialist appointments when needed.

A Special Note for Athletic Directors, Coaches, And Trainers

OIC works directly with school athletic staff to create partnerships between schools and OIC’s Center for Sports Medicine. These partnerships ensure that injured student athletes have access to the care they need, including orthopaedic urgent care.

If you’re interested in establishing a partnership between OIC and your school’s athletic department, contact Summer Runestad, ATC, EMT, PES, CES, at:
D: 213-742-1361
C: 213-910-3526
F: 213-741-8324