Meet the Scoliosis Treatment Team at OIC

At OIC, treating scoliosis is a team effort. It involves collaboration between our specialists, your child, and you.

Your child’s scoliosis treatment plan is custom tailored to their needs, based on:

  • How much growing the have left to do
  • The degree of curvature in the spine
  • The specific location of the scoliosis
  • The likelihood of the curve worsening

Once the care providers have evaluated these factors, they can get to work putting a plan in place. Depending your child’s case, treatment might involve bracing, surgery, or just observation via regular appointments at OIC, as often as the care provider recommends.

Here are some of the care providers at OIC and elsewhere who might be involved in your child’s scoliosis treatment.



  • Can be the starting point for a scoliosis diagnosis
  • Is able to refer your child to relevant specialists when necessary
  • Performs pre-op evaluations before scoliosis surgery


Pediatric Orthopaedist

  • Has specialized training in children’s musculoskeletal issues—including scoliosis
  • Is able to diagnose, treat, and manage scoliosis in a variety of ways
  • Performs corrective scoliosis surgery when necessary


Nurse Coordinator

  • Manages your child’s care during diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up
  • Provides care alongside other members of the scoliosis treatment team
  • Ensures that any medical orders for tests or procedures are carried out



  • Works with the pediatric orthopaedist to assess and treat your child’s scoliosis
  • Is trained to prevent or correct muscle groups that are unbalanced because of scoliosis
  • Can fit your child with a custom-made brace as part of scoliosis treatment


Physical Therapist

  • Can help your child during or after scoliosis treatment
  • Plans, develops, and puts in place physical therapy programs
  • Is trained in techniques to help your child regain mobility or reduce pain