The Orthopaedic Hemophilia Treatment Center at OIC

Our Mission 

Hemophilia is not a common medical condition. It’s not like asthma or diabetes. That can make finding the right treatment team feel like a hunt.  

You want to know that you or your child are in good hands—and that the treatment center has the right knowledge and the right compassion to prevent the bleeding disorder from running your life.   

That’s our mission here at the Orthopaedic Hemophilia Treatment Center at OIC (OHTC).


What We Do

At the OHTC, our treatment team brings together healthcare experts from across different specialties—from hematology to orthopaedic surgery, and social work to physical therapy.  

And while our care providers are actively involved in hemophilia-based research and treatment, what really sets us apart is our dedication to care.  

Our goal is provide this care to:

  • People of all ages who have hemophilia or other bleeding disorders
  • Children, teens, and adults who have acquired blood-borne infections—including chronic hepatitis and HIV infection—through prior treatment with blood products


What Sets Us Apart

  • Expertise: Our training credentials are superb. In 1970, OHTC was designated as one of the first four International Hemophilia Training Centers.
  • Innovation: OHTC’s expertise is backed by a history of pioneering work—including performing the first successful hip replacement surgery in a patient with hemophilia.
  • Services: In addition to hemophilia treatment, we continue to conduct groundbreaking research; provide innovative, customized physical therapy; and offer genetic counseling for patients.


Providing Quality Care for All of Our Patients

The Orthopaedic Hemophilia Treatment Center at OIC is approved by the state of California as a Genetically Handicapped Persons Program (GHPP). This program assists adults with certain genetic conditions—including hemophilia—by ensuring they have access to the healthcare services they need. 

We are also a recognized California Children’s Services provider. Like the GHPP, this program helps children with certain health issues receive care through the age of 21.


OHTC’s Coagulation Laboratory

Our Coagulation Laboratory specializes in conducting and analyzing tests for inhibitors to clotting factors. It is also equipped to assess levels of all the plasma clotting factors, as well as diagnose von Willebrand’s disease.


OHTC’s Full Service 340B Outpatient Pharmacy

OHTC’s pharmacy is a part of the 340B program, which means that we are able to provide medications at a special discount. And all of the revenue generated by our pharmacy is used to support the hemophilia program at OHTC. 

Our pharmacists are ready to answer your questions about hemophilia medications. They also stay on top of negative side effects and potential clashes with other medications.  

Because our pharmacy is committed to patient care, we also allow patients who use our 340B program to have clotting factors and other pharmaceuticals delivered right to their home.

The Orthopaedic Hemophilia Treatment Center at OIC is ready to help people of all ages and backgrounds manage their bleeding disorders.