Broken Bones in Children: Why a Pediatric Orthopaedist Is Critical

Even with the best protective equipment, kids can break bones in a split second. One awkward pivot, one heavy tackle, one wrong fall can spell disaster for soft, growing bones.

It’s critical that those bones are set correctly so that growth plates aren’t disrupted and normal growth can continue.

The Right Care for Pediatric Fractures, Right From the Start

This is why seeing the correct medical specialist is critical. When children go to general emergency rooms designed for adults, there’s always the risk of incorrect diagnosis and treatment—for example, the bone might be set incorrectly. This can lead to issues such as:

  • A slower recovery
  • Bones that don’t heal correctly
  • Damaged growth plates (the cartilage-like ends of the bone that are still growing)
  • Chronic pain
  • A failure to regain full coordination or range of motion


One study of 275 kids under 18 treated for fractures at community hospital emergency rooms or non-specialty urgent care centers found that:

  • More than 90% of splints were placed improperly.
  • In 59% of cases, the joint wasn’t set into place correctly.
  • In 52% of cases, the splint was not the correct length.
  • In 40% of cases, there were soft-tissue and skin complications from the treatment.1

Expertise You Can Count On

If your child has a broken bone, make our Urgent Care Center your first stop for treatment, if possible. The staff at OIC are specialists in pediatric orthopaedic injuries. We’ve worked with thousands of children and developed special expertise in preventing further issues as they grow.

We’ll care for your child from their initial trip to our Urgent Care Center, into diagnostic imaging, during treatment—whether that means surgery, casting, or both—and on through recovery, including physical therapy, when necessary.

Has your child already has been treated elsewhere? Bring them to OIC. We’ll review their diagnosis and treatment plan and make any adjustments needed to optimize their healing process.

The fracture care team at OIC treats children of all ages, from infancy through age 17½. When it’s your child, don’t settle for anything less than the highest-quality treatment. Let OIC help.


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1“UMMC Research Reveals Overwhelmingly Incorrect Splinting for Kids’ Fractures.” University of Maryland Medical Center, 2015.