Clubfoot Treatment at OIC: Meet the Experts

At OIC, the Ponseti Method is the first line of treatment we turn to for correcting clubfoot. This is because the Ponseti Method, developed by the late Spanish physician Ignacio Ponseti, MD, is world-renowned for its success.  

Because this method is made up of different steps—manipulation and casting, Achilles tendon surgery, and bracing—your child will be cared for by several different types of providers during clubfoot treatment.  

These providers work together to ensure that your child is making the right progress to reach that all-important goal: a chance to live an active life. 

If your child is referred to OIC’s Clubfoot Clinic for treatment, you could have the following members of our staff on your team:


Pediatric Orthopaedist

Pediatric orthopaedists specialize in treating injuries, illnesses, and health conditions that impact the bones, nerves, muscles, and other parts that make up a child’s musculoskeletal system.  

At OIC, our pediatric orthopaedists are ready to be a part of your child’s clubfoot treatment team. They provide both nonsurgical and surgical services, including Achilles tendon surgery, the second part of the Ponseti Method.



Pediatricians are so much more than just kid-friendly versions of primary care physicians. OIC’s pediatricians are a critical part of the clubfoot treatment team. 

Yes, your child’s pediatrician is able to review medical issues and coordinate general healthcare. But at OIC, our pediatricians also work with orthopaedic surgeons to determine if a child needs surgery. They can refer your child to any specialists, if necessary. 

And if your child has to be hospitalized, the pediatrician is able to manage any medical issues then, too.


Cast Technician

Because the first stage of the Ponseti Method involves the application of casts on a weekly basis, cast technicians are an important part of your child’s treatment team. Their job is to help ensure that the unique casts and casting regimen are done correctly, and that your child is healing properly.



Bracing is an important part of treating clubfoot with the Ponseti Method. During this stage of treatment, your child will be custom-fitted with braces shaped and sized just for them. 

Orthotists—sometimes also called orthopaedic technologists—are the members of the care team who will oversee the fitting of this brace. The orthotist can answer any questions you have about how the brace is helping your child’s feet grow in the right way.


Physical Therapist

Physical therapists prescribe stretches and exercises to help patients regain the use of their limb after an illness, injury, or surgery. They also help patients manage symptoms—like pain, limited movement, or lack of coordination—that might get in the way of everyday life.  

If your child has clubfoot, you don’t need to go through it alone. Our experts at OIC’s Center for Clubfoot can explain the best options for treatment and care. We are ready to help and support you and your child from diagnosis through treatment and beyond.