At OIC, our goal is the same as yours. We want nothing less than the best for your patient, and the specialists at our award-winning Center for Clubfoot are dedicated to ensuring that each child receives the comprehensive care they so rightfully deserve.

That’s why at OIC we use the three-stage Ponseti Method as our first line of treatment. Treatment usually starts in the first two weeks after birth. However, the Ponseti Method can be successful in older babies and children, as well. According to the Ponseti International Association this method is nearly 100% effective when used properly by a trained healthcare provider. Therefore, you can be confident that your patient is in good hands, and that we will be there working together throughout the entire treatment process, providing the care sand support your patient needs to succeed.

OIC now offers telemedicine technology making it possible for a physician in one location to assess clubfoot in a patient who is potentially miles away by utilizing videoconferencing, still and video images, e-health (including patient and physician portals), and telephone consults, to mention a few. Through this dynamic, HIPPA compliant and collaborative technology we can improve outcomes and efficiencies by delivering a more personalized, patient-centered care program.