Orthopaedic Institute for Children to Save 22.5 Million Gallons of Water and Nearly $1 Million Through Generosity of Falcon Waterfree and Sloan

Orthopaedic Institute for Children announced today that Falcon Waterfree Technologies, a certified B Corporation, and Sloan have donated a complete retrofit of all 75 bathroom units at the Institute’s downtown campus, which will save OIC nearly $1 million and more than 22.5 million gallons of water over the lifetime of the units.

The retrofit includes installing Sloan’s industry-leading water conserving fixtures in every restroom at the hospital including 40 low-flow faucets, 16 high-efficiency toilets and 15 water-free urinals. As a result, OIC will save more than 750,000 gallons of water and $25,000 in utility expenses every year.

“We are very grateful to Falcon and Sloan not only for their direct generosity to OIC but for the larger role they are playing in water conservation, especially during the drought our state is currently experiencing,” said Anthony Scaduto, M.D., president and chief executive officer of OIC. “The money we will save year after year through their kindness can now be redirected toward caring for the children who turn to us in times of need.”

Falcon Waterfree Technologies is the sustainability and technology leader in the development of water conservation solutions for commercial restrooms. Sloan is the world’s leading manufacturer of commercial plumbing systems and has been at the forefront of the green building movement for commercial, industrial and institutional markets worldwide.   

“It is heartwarming to see organizations take seriously the role they play as corporate citizens and step up to make our community that much better,” said Dr. Scaduto. “OIC, like all nonprofit organizations, relies greatly on the generosity and the hearts of others to allow us to continue our fight against musculoskeletal injuries and diseases and give children the opportunity to live their lives to their fullest.”

With their recent gift to OIC, Falcon Waterfree Technologies and Sloan have joined a substantial list of concerned organizations and citizens whose generosity is supporting the important patient care, research and education taking place at the Institute. These organizations include the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation, Paramount Transportation Systems, the California Community Foundation and many others.