2016 Donor Report

In 2016, our donors helped us raise funds to provide children everywhere with access to orthopaedic care. Thanks to their incredible generosity, Orthopaedic Institute for Children will continue to help kids grow well and play well.




Mr. Charles A. Clifford
California Community Foundation
Joel and Carmen Miller Trust
Estate of Jack D. Burden
Dorothy L. Allen Living Trust
Ms. Alice C. Grubb Memorial Fund
The Betty Dostal Trust
Carrie Estelle Doheny Foundation
Mr. Edward D. Fox and Mrs. Nancy M. Fox
Joshua Max Simon Foundation
The Ahmanson Foundation
The Fred L. Hartley Family Foundation


Ms. Stella L. Spencer
Mr. William G. Niemann and Mrs. Helen M. Niemann
Estate of Emelda J. Martin
Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.
Evelyn Therese Ericson Declaration of Trust
The Rose Hills Foundation
Callie D. McGrath Foundation


Paramount Transportation Systems
Mr. Fred Cromer and Mrs. Catherine H. Cromer
Heather, Jared & Golden, Karen & Judah and Donna & Gary
Kirkland & Ellis, LLP
Las Amigas de Las Lomas


Mr. Michael G. Keller
Charitable Children's Guild
Henry L. Guenther Foundation
The Berendina Maazel Trust Dated September 14, 1998
Pacific National Group
Mr. Allan M. Bates and Ms. Lucinda Starrett
L. Isabel Bryson Charitable Trust
Jakks Pacific, Inc.
Canterbury Consulting
Mr. Henri Courpron and Mrs. Jenn Kurtley Courpron
Las Niñas de Las Madrecitas
Mr. Adolph C. Lichtenberger Fund
Mr. Craig Segor and Mrs. Barbara Segor
Mr. Charles S. Wirick
Dr. David D. McFarland and Mrs. Lois E. McFarland
Staples Center Foundation
Advanced Air, LLC
Automobile Club of Southern California
Jennifer J. Beck, M.D.
Dr. Harold A. Davidson and Mrs. Nadine Davidson
Vice Admiral George W. Davis and Mrs. Jean Carroll Davis
Pratt & Whitney
Sage Vaughn
Savannah Game Retreat - South Africa
Mr. Richard Schweitzer and Mrs. Julie Schweitzer
Mrs. Midge Walvis
Xerox - SoCal Office Technologies



Mr. Thomas H. Stokley
Mr. Tom Lewis and Mrs. Wendy Sharron Lewis
Ms. Judith A. Weddle
Dr. Harry A. McKellop and Ms. Tovya Wager
Mr. James S. Riley Fund
Mr. Daniel P. Madden and Mrs. Nancy Madden
Goldman, Sachs & Co.
Ms. Toni Steele
Mr. Simon Schweitzer
Bradford Renaissance Portraits
Dr. Nakia Mainor
Mr. Lawrence B. Abramson
Muskin Family Foundation
Frost Survivor's Trust
Knock Knock
My Saint My Hero
Alitsiya Design
Mr. Jason Silletti and Mrs. Shawn Silletti
California State Teachers' Retirement System
Mr. Charles J. Fox Fund
Mr. Elias Habayeb and Mrs. Michelle Habayeb
Sidney Stern Memorial Fund
Sidney Stern Memorial Trust
Dr. Anthony A. Scaduto and Mrs. Lynn Scaduto
Estate of Eunice L. Stecker and the Stecker Family Trust
Mr. Raymond Rubenstein
Manesha Packaging Company
Mr. John S. Nagy
Mr. Herbert Griffiths
Crane Fund for Widows and Children
Mr. Philip Han and Mrs. Lien Han
Johnny Carson Foundation
Latham & Watkins
Dr. William L. Oppenheim and Mrs. Patricia Oppenheim
Pac Global Insurance Brokerage, Inc.
Pinnacle Associates Ltd
Mr. Jerry T. Rapport
Water Buffalo Club


Ms. Mattie C. Garretson Fund
Tanner Defoe
Elinor Lois Rotharmel
Keenan & Associates
Ms. Karen Freedman
Mr. Michael Bastasch and Mrs. Donna Bastasch
Mr. Jared Freedman and Mrs. Heather Freedman
CR & A Custom Inc.
Mr. Gary Freedman and Mrs. Donna Freedman
Mr. David A. Goldberg and Mrs. Denise R. Goldberg
The Camden Group
Mr. Michael P. Sullivan and Mr. Karlu Sullivan
Haute Chefs - Los Angeles
J P Investments
Mr. Harry B. Kuhns Fund
Mrs. Betty Druebber
Banc of California
Clara Von Breton Trust
Pinnacle Communication Services
Ms. Bertha Sherwood
Mr. Brent R. Ozenbaugh and Mrs. Mari Ozenbaugh
Mr. Yohan Haddad
Mr. Dakota Atley
Mr. Samuel W. Garretson
Jack Nadel International
Mr. Richard T. French
Mr. Robert R. Buettell and Mrs. Evelyn S. Buettell
Ms. Evelyn V. Hanson
Mr. Steve MacDonald and Ms. Nicolette McDougall
R. W. Zant Company
Mr. Albert Rossi and Mrs. Nancy Rossi
Rowley Portraiture
The Ruth Lane Charitable Foundation
F. P. Winne Trust c/o Bank of the West
KB Home
Ms. Mary Beth Perrine
Ms. Eunice M. Sternberg
California Highway Patrol
DoubleTree by Hilton Claremont
Ms. Megan Rossi
Mr. Clinton Strickland and Mrs. Camille Strickland
Bristol Farms
Ms. Anne-Cecile Devanneaux
Mr. Daniel P. Ford and Mrs. Patricia K. Ford
Fox Studios
Kolodny Law Group
Mar Vista Investment Partners
The Simon-Strauss Foundation
Toyota of Downtown Los Angeles
UCLA Foundation


Ms. Grace E. Bush
Mr. Jeffrey Zukerman and Mrs. Barbra Zukerman
Mr. Harold J. Meyers
Mr. Tom A. Wuchenich and Mrs. Tara A. Wuchenich
Mr. Thomas Moyad and Ms. Grace K. Bishar
Naos Yachts
Vantage Property Investors, LLC
Mr. Robert Meyerson and Mrs. Gloria Meyerson
Mr. Jerome Dahan and Ms. Elsa Dannerstedt
Frontier Capital Management Company, LLC
Mr. Don Goodman
Mr. Ian J. Saunders and Ms. Holly Ingalls Saunders
Evelyn McCartney Trust
William W. Gill Fund
Mr. Richard E. Giss and Mrs. Debby Giss
Mr. John Hamilton and Mrs. Diane Crea Hamilton
Mr. Daniel Floyd and Ms. Candice Ray
Mr. James Turken and Mrs. Karen Turken
Gibson Musical Instruments
United Airlines
Ms. Cindy L. Maleskey
Mr. Scott Townes and Mrs. Nicole Townes
Mr. Mark Doi and Mrs. Tracey Doi
Mr. George W. Jeffs
Mr. David Kimball and Mrs. Paige Kimball
Ms. Hilary A. Norton
Mr. George Sacco
Mr. Arno Zwarg and Mrs. Jean Zwarg
Gold's Gym
Executive Women International
MFS Investment Management
Los Angeles Police Department S.W.A.T.
Mr. Frederick C. Hamilton Memorial Fund
Mr. Albert Scaduto and Mrs. Linda Scaduto
Mr. Alex Calfo and Mrs. Beatriz Calfo
Cashmere Agency
Mr. Kevin Dretzka and Mrs. Silvia Dretzka
Ms. Ann Johnson
Mr. Jeffrey B. Prestine and Mrs. Claudia Prestine
Ms. Michelle Walter
Dr. Peverley J. Hukill and Mr. Jon Spain
Diane Kuntz Design Studio
Ms. Kathleen Hatfield
The Wilshire Country Club
Mr. Thomas Morley
Florence R. Devine Fund #1
Mr. Carter E. Beal and Mrs. Amy Beal
Ms. Sylvia Leaf
Mr. Johnny Lopez and Mrs. Lisa Lopez
Mr. William Wynperle and Mrs. Hilary K. Wynperle
Mrs. Rachel T. Davis and Mr. Jonathan U. Davis
Sprinkles Cupcakes
Ms. Mona L. Arce
Mr. Edward Keenan and Ms. Carol Archie
Mr. Joel M. Bernstein
Mrs. Kathleen Bethel
Booster Campaigns
Mr. Robert Boucai
Mr. Irving M. Chase and Mrs. Nancy Chase
Citizens of Humanity
Mr. Steven Clark and Mrs. Debra L. Clark
Crescent Capital
Mr. Eduardo A. Diaz 
Mr. Michael Gallagher
Mr. Joseph C. Giuliano
Mr. William Glass and Mrs. Whitney Glass
Mr. Jay A. Goldberg and Mrs. Trudy Goldberg
HS Management Partners, LLC
Mr. Fay Jew
Mr. Dogan Koslu and Mrs. Jennifer Dakoske Koslu
Mr. Christopher Laurence and Mrs. Lisa Laurence
Los Angeles Clippers Foundation
Miura Global Management, LLC
Network Communications
Mr. Doug Prestine and Mrs. Joan S. Prestine
Mr. Andrew Rafkin and Mrs. Lynn Rafkin
Mr. John C. Shaw
Standard Property Company
Taconic Capital Advisors, LP - Taconic Charitable Foundation
The Lasorda Trust
The League, Caring for Children with Orthopedic Needs
Mrs. Ruth J. Wagner
Ms. Mary Ann Walker
Mr. Robert Webster and Mrs. Julie Webster


La Cañada Flintridge Orthopaedic Guild
Mr. Eric Charbonneau
Ms. Marianne O'Brien-Gordon
Mr. Peter Fiene
Mrs. Marie L. Morgan
Mr. Thomas Neesley
Mr. Roopal Shah and Mrs. Bharati Shah
Ms. Christine Wright Roper
Los Angeles Department of Transportation
Mrs. Virginia H. Campbell
Mare Salon
Mr. Steven Mathison
Mr. Robert W. Holder
Mrs. Justine Lewis
Ms. Lori Hess
Palos Verdes Independence Day Celebration Committee
Roclord Studio
Rose Bowl
Ms. Zabelle L. Boyadjian
Mr. Edward J. Jones
Mrs. Lisa Navarro and Mr. Dan Navarro
Mr. Viraf Pudumjee and Mrs. Kerbanu Pudumjee
Mr. Brian Wienhold
Mr. Gary Westbrook
Makelele Systems Landscape & Maintenance, Inc.
Mr. Yossi Attia
Mr. David B. Farkas and Mrs. Annie Farkas
Ms. Rosalie L. Ferris
Mr. Brian Kelly
Ms. Bonnie Lee
Mr. Thomas S. Nieman and Mrs. Rosalind M. Nieman
Ms. Sharon Prescott
Mr. Steven Traversi and Mrs. Dana Traversi
Ms. Corina Villaraigosa
Dr. Anthony Smith
Mr. Graham B. Cole
Ms. Rachel McHale
Mr. James Min
USC Society of Women Engineers
Mary M. Photography
Mr. Kent Yamaguchi
Mr. Daniel Abrams
Tigran Avoian, M.D.
Barken's Hard Chrome, Inc.
Mr. William C. Beckley
Ms. Chelsea Blechman
Mr. Kenneth Buis
Mr. Reynolds T. Cafferata
Dr. Pat P. Campbell and Mr. Amir P. Hosseinian
Champion International Moving, Ltd.
Crown Worldwide Moving & Storage
Mr. Michael Davis and Mrs. Cynthia J. Davis
Denali Group, Inc.
Mr. Hunter S. Doble and Mrs. Kristin C. Doble
Mr. Leonard Feder
Mr. Daniel Galindo and Mrs. Margaret Galindo
Mr. David R. Hansen and Mrs. Lindsey R. Hansen
Mr. Benjamin Herbert
Mr. Paul E. Herzog and Mrs. Sharon Herzog
Mr. William P. Jackson and Mrs. Muriel B. Jackson
Mr. Delbert E. Jones
Mr. Paul T. Lasewicz
Masterpiece International, Ltd.
Mr. Brian McLoughlin
Mr. Donald H. Mehlig and Mrs. Patricia A. Mehlig
Mr. John Momtazee and Mrs. Callie Momtazee
Ms. Megan O'Block
Mr. Charles E. Parks and Mrs. Kathleen K. Parks
Mr. Joseph Perez and Mrs. Kristen Perez
Mr. Michael Peterson and Mrs. Kelly Peterson
Ms. Caryl M. Pettit
Mr. Stan Ross and Mrs. Marilyn Ross
Mr. Gregory J. Scaduto
Dr. Laurie Schoellkopf
Sourcing Unlimited
Mr. William Spurgin and Mrs. Daisy A. Spurgin
Thomas Properties Group
Total Wine & More
Mr. Sheldon P. Weinstein
Mr. William Peter Wilke and Mrs. Nancy E. Wilke


Ms. Karee Sampson and Mrs. Natalie Sampson
Mr. Edward Myers and Mrs. DeeAnn Myers
Los Amigos
Mrs. Audrey Hollander
Walker Temple AME Church
Dr. Mauricio Silva and Dr. Myriam Bernal
Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel
Mr. Donald J. Peterson and Mrs. Judith A. Peterson
Silpada Designs, Inc.
Mr. Christopher Gorham and Mrs. Anel Lopez Gorham
Mr. Marlin S. Fors and Mrs. Nancy G. Kraus
Mrs. Shannon Everett-Smith
Mr. Mark Gement
Mr. Richard Langsdale
Mr. Sal Maldonado
Mr. Ronald A. Okum and Mrs. Nan W. Okum
Mr. Brandon P. Stover and Mrs. Amber L. Stover
Mr. Robert C. Waldron and Mrs. Janice M. Waldron
Mr. Mark Wilbur
Dr. Jeff Bogosian and Mrs. Joan Yazejian
Ms. Lea S. Karp
Ultrazone Laser Tag
Ms. Noreen Minder
Ms. Kendra Okonkwo
Mr. Daniel A. Clinton and Mrs. Elizabeth A. Kidde
Mr. Jose Esparza
SeaWorld San Diego
Mr. George W. Cunningham
Mr. Craig Harris
Charles Maletz, M.D.
Ms. Linda Osorio
Mr. Ernesto Sanchez
Mr. James Childress and Ms. Amy Summer Childress
Mrs. Mignon Franco-Mendez
Heels & Souls Square Dance
Napa Valley Wine Train
Ms. Jade Pettyjohn
Ms. Annie K. Tashjian
Mr. Jaime Rojas
Mr. Mike S. Lee
Mr. Jon Turteltaub and Mrs. Amy Eldon Turteltaub
Enterprise Holdings, Inc.
Mr. Tamotsu Furukawa and Mrs. Cheryl S. Furukawa
Mr. Osmin A. Gonzalez
Mr. John M. Irigoyen and Mrs. Barbara E. Irigoyen
Jana Partners, LLC
Mr. Alan V. Livingston
Mr. Raymond J. Muro
Mrs. Dianne M. Ross
Mr. Edward M. Soares
Mr. Stephen Swanson
Ms. Brenda O. Welsh
Yoga for Dancers
South Coast Winery Resort & Spa
Knott's Berry Farm
Mr. Bruce Keelan
Ms. Silvia Venegas
Mr. Darrin Hinze
Mr. Charlie Aruajo
Mr. Sheldon B. Becker and Mrs. Elissa M. Becker
Borrowed Bling
Mr. Robert Bowden and Mrs. Laila C. Bowden
Ms. Cara L. Brander
Ms. Jacqueline M. Crowley
Mrs. Bertha B. Duvernay
Mr. Aaron M. Epstein and Mrs. Anne R. Epstein
Mr. Charles M. Gima and Mrs. Elaine S. Gima
Mr. Stephen R. Ginger and Mrs. Sherri Ginger
Ms. Alicia Hannah
Mr. Jerry A. Horn and Mrs. Donna Horn
Dr. Nancy A. Humphreys and Dr. Jo Nol
Interconex, Inc.
Ms. Betsee Isenberg
Jenni Kayne
Ms. Miki Jordan Emenhiser
Kenneth C. Kuecker and Donata E. Kuecker Family Trust
Mr. George E. Kinney and Ms. Susan Kinney
Ms. Sara Ledterman
Mr. Paul Mandabach
Patricia C. McKeever, M.D.
Mr. Omar Miller
Mr. Bradley S. Morse and Mrs. Kathleen A. Morse
Michael D. Myers, M.D.
Mrs. Sara Needham
Mr. Keith W. Newell
Mr. James M. Pecora
Dr. Doris V. Quon and Mr. Peter J. Bradley
Ms. Jesse Rios
Mr. Mark A. Shuster
Mr. David R. Simon and Mrs. Christina Simon
Mr. Lyle R. Simpson and Mrs. Noreen Simpson
Mr. Martin G. Smith and Mrs. Julie K. Smith
Mr. Bruce M. Steckel and Mrs. Sheryl Steckel
Mr. Michael Webb
Ms. Jai L. Winding
Mrs. Myrna H. Winer
Mr. Gordon S. Wright and Mrs. Anne E. Wright
Mr. Robert Zeppenfeldt


Mr. Daniel Ayala
Marsh Risk and Insurance Services
Mr. Raymond M. Pennell and Ms. Janet Stinson
Mr. Victor Buxton and Mrs. Darlene Buxton
Dr. Edward Ebramzadeh
Mr. Fabian Garcia
Mr. Louie Garcia
Mr. Jorge Guzman
Dr. Vincent J. Roach and Mrs. Barbara Roach
Mr. Rodolfo Aguirre and Mrs. Andrea R. Aguirre
Mr. Avo Amiran
Mr. Richard M. Amoroso
Mr. David Anderson and Mrs. Pamela Anderson
Mrs. Mary L. Baur
Mr. Gerald V. Becker and Mrs. Estelle Becker
Ms. Sandy Benson
Ms. Michelle Chavez
Mr. Alex Cochran
Ms. Maria Cruz
Dr. Alexandra Davis and Mr. Donald Davis
Ms. Gina Field Edwards
Mr. Raymond Fimbres and Mrs. Mary Lou Rivas Fimbres
Mr. Andrew D. Fox and Mrs. Lindsey W. Fox
Mr. Donald B. Gadberry
Mr. Robert Greenspan and Mrs. Edwina Greenspan
Mr. Brian Griffin
Dr. Lisa Guinan
Mr. Robert C. Hamilton and Mrs. Lorraine Hamilton
Handmade Leather
Mr. Dean Harako
Mr. Thomas P. Healey and Mrs. Nancy J. Healey
Mr. Eugene G. Heller
Mr. Francisco V. Hernandez
Mr. James L. Kuhns
Ms. Nora R. Lerer
Mr. Andrew I. Lisiecki and Mrs. Linda Lisiecki
Mr. Mitch Malpede
Mr. Jeremy May
Mr. William G. McGagh
Ms. Bridget McMeel
Mr. Jordan Novak
Dr. Sang-Hyun Park and Mrs. Julie E. Park
Mr. James L. Perzik and Mrs. Judith T. Perzik
Mr. Matthew S. Smith and Ms. Adrianna Quintero
Mr. Justin Rawlins
Ms. Sylvia Remias
Ms. Adriana Ruggio
Mr. Vukan Ruzic and Mrs. Jeanette Ruzic
Mr. Mark Ryan and Mrs. Teresa Ryan
Mr. Victor E. Salvino
Mrs. Deborah Q. Shimasaki
Mr. John R. Stevens
Sugar Paper
Dr. George H. Thompson and Mrs. Janice L. Thompson
Mr. Milton G. Valera and Mrs. Deborah M. Valera
Mr. Jim Walsh
Jessie Steensma Trust
Mr. Edward E. Kushins
Mr. Jonathan Quevedo
Mr. Robert H. Zeichik
Mr. Golan Levy and Mrs. Monica Levy
Mr. Mark Mindich
Mr. Kris Kaypekian and Mrs. Aleen Boladian
Mr. Rayshaun I. Murray
San Francisco Ballet Association
Ms. Tracy M. Pollack
Ms. Deborah Lough
Ms. Dagny H. Williams
Mr. Vito Gioello and Mrs. Dawn Gioiello
Mrs. Yvonne L. Ginger
Mr. Albert Segal
Mr. Frank Arentowicz and Ms. Sara R. Nichols
Mr. George F. Byard and Mrs. Lorrell G. Byard
Ms. Denisse Chavez
Mr. Thomas Clark
Mr. Robert L. Finke
Fisk Enterprises DBA Slidell Moving
Mr. David T. Gutierrez and Mrs. Stephanie I. Gutierrez
Ms. Lisa Hamed
Mr. Raymond T. Huddleston and Mrs. Dorothy C. Huddleston
John F. and Evelyn M. Kellen Trust
Mr. George Lombardo
Mrs. Harriet S. Oakley
Mr. Harvey Olifson and Mrs. Esther Olifson
Patina Restaurant Group
Mr. Charles L. Polep
Ms. Cathy Senne
The Comedy & Magic Club
Mr. Eugenio B. Trejo
Soul Cycle, Inc.
La Mirada Theatre for the Performing Arts
The Ice House Comedy Nightclub & Restaurant
ECHO (Employees Charity Organization of Northrop Grumman)
Ms. Maromi Tanji
Mr. Prescott T. Stevens
Mr. Alvaro B. Villanueva and Mrs. Rosa G. Villanueva
Elizabeth Todd Designs
Ms. Yesenia Gonzalez
Ms. Petra Hernandez
John Cassese The Dance Doctor Studio
Mr. Miguel Noriega
Ms. Luz Nunez Jimenez
Mr. Yukio Yoshida
Mr. Luis A. Dongallo and Mrs. Jennifer P. Dongallo
Mr. Frank A. Bescoby and Mrs. Ruth Bescoby
Mr. Albert Castanon and Mrs. Rosalie Castanon
Mr. Fred Rettig and Mrs. Barbara Rettig
Ms. Belva D. Vukovich
Woodland Hills Woman's Club, Inc.
Babouch Moroccan Restaurant
Mr. Evert F. Tigner and Mr. Ian R. Gibson
Mr. George Goldsmith and Mrs. Ann M. Goldsmith
Mrs. Dorothy H. Steiner
Toy Crazy
Mulligan Family Fun Center
Mrs. Linda L. Gallucci
Mr. Ralph W. Irwin and Mrs. Laurie Shaker Irwin
Cards for Causes, LLC
Pasadena Center Operating Company
Mrs. Munish Dua
Dr. Sigmund H. Abelson and Mrs. Teri Abelson
Ms. Marbella Aguilar
Mr. Douglas Allen and Mrs. Gail L. Allen
Mr. Andrew Altman
Mr. Mark Ames
Atlantis Casino Resort Spa
Mr. Bela Bacsa
Mr. Frank R. Barwig
Ms. Jeanne I. Bauer
Mr. Charles H. Bell and Mrs. Julia F. Bell
Mr. Trevor Bezdek
Ms. Jessica A. Blair
BLUEmove International Relocations, Inc.
Ms. Bridget Bodnar
Mr. Doug Bradshaw
Mr. Felipe A. Braunthal
Mr. Ron Broguiere
Mr. Gary Brownstein
Mr. Frank E. Buker and Mrs. Elena M. Buker
Mr. James Byers
Ms. Wendy Camacho
Mr. Michael H. Benedikt and Mrs. Eleni A. Cambourelis-Benedikt
Mr. Robert Cantrell
Ms. Cindy Cardoso
Mr. Raymond Castro
Ms. Leticia D. Chacon, L.C.S.W.
Mr. Ira J. Chaffin and Mrs. Sheila M. Chaffin
Chapter DX of the PEO Sisterhood
Mr. Preet Chawla
Mr. Michael Conway
Mr. Paul R. Cooley
Mr. Paul F. Cummins and Mrs. Mary Ann Cummins
Mr. Allan C. Curtis and Mrs. Suzanne W. Curtis
Allen J. Curtis, M.D.
Ms. Ilsy DePaz Lopez
Ms. Ellen Dirks
Mr. Gordon Donlou and Mrs. Maria Donlou
Ms. Evelyn G. Donnelly
Mr. Lowell Dreyfus and Mrs. Penny Dreyfus
Ms. Kristie Duenes
Stevan P. Dumas, D.D.S.
Mr. Rigo Elizondo
Mr. Joe Estrada and Mrs. Carel Estrada
Mrs. Maxine E. Findley
Mr. Arnold Fogelman
Mr. Stanley Folb
Mr. Victor Franco
Mr. Manley M. Freid
Galardi Group Franchise & Leasing, LLC
Mr. Paul A. Galleberg and Mrs. Karen L. Galleberg
Mr. James S. Garber and Mrs. Sheila M. Garber
Mr. John A. Girardi
Ms. Laura Gomez
Ms. Cecilia Gonzalez
Mr. Alvin Grancell
Mr. Martin E. Green
Mr. John R. Halcomb and Mrs. Peggy L. Halcomb
Mr. Ralph Hamamji
Dr. Charles E. Hamrell and Rabbi Miriam E. Hamrell
Dr. Ken Harada and Mrs. Jane Harada
Mr. Michael J. Harbers and Mrs. Margaret Harbers
Mr. Ryan Hart and Mrs. Debra Hart
Harvey L. & Linda D. Hyde Family 
Mr. Joe Harvey
Mrs. Harriet P. Hillam
Mr. Jason Horowitz
Hotchkis & Wiley Capital Management, LLC
Mr. Matt Hunnicutt
iO West Theater & Training Center
Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles
Ms. Camie Johnson
Mr. Robert Jones
Mr. Michael R. Karns
Dr. Iwao G. Kawakami and Mrs. Toyoko Kawakami
Mrs. Ingrid W. Kelly
Mr. John Kenney
Mr. Leroy R. Keranen
Mr. Mark Kiger
Mrs. Patricia M. King
Robert D. Kochsiek, M.D.
Mr. Robert J. Kohlhepp and Mrs. Laurie S. Kohlhepp
Rose Marie Kujawa, C.P.A., Retired
Ms. Rebecca Labat
Ms. Alyse Laemmle
Mr. Palmer C. Langdon
Mr. Charles Larsen and Mrs. Brenda Larsen
Mr. Richard J. Lauter and Mrs. Ila F. Lauter
Mr. Bruce R. Lederman and Mrs. Ellen K. Lederman
Ms. Elma Lee
Ms. Lisa Ann Lee
Ms. Diane Leff
Mr. Miguel Leon
Ms. Edit B. Levisman
Mr. Sy Lippman and Mrs. Helene Lippman
Mr. Russell D. Liska and Mrs. Adriana F. Liska
Ms. Maria Lozano
Ms. Christine B. Lusby
Mr. Ronald P. Lyons and Mrs. Judy A. Lyons
Mr. Fred Manaster
Ms. Rosa Marin
Mr. Paul D. Metzger and Mrs. Dolores Marinos Metzger
Mr. Jim Martorano
Ms. Victoria E. Mason
Mr. Tony Mendesh and Mrs. Kelly Mendesh
Mr. Carlos R. Mendez
Ms. Catherine Meyer
Mr. B. T. Moorer
Mr. Roaldo Moran
Dr. Robert E. Morris and Mr. Timothy B. Butler
Mr. Craig B. Halverson and Mrs. Jacqueline E. Mougan-Halverson
Ms. Peggysue Mowry
Ms. Martha Munoz
Mr. Hossein Nabaii
Mr. Kurt Neesley
Mr. Perry Nisen and Mrs. Amy Nisen
Mr. Marty L. Nislick and Mrs. Lynn O. Koff
Mr. Jonathan Nolan and Ms. Lisa J. Joy
Mr. Ronald D. Nunnally and Mrs. April Nunnally
Mr. Tom Parks
Perkins Machine Company, Inc.
Mrs. Anne-Marie Peterson
Mr. Eugene R. Peterson and Mrs. Geraldine R. Peterson
Mr. Frank M. Phillips and Mrs. Rita I. Phillips
Mr. Robert G. Pilmer and Mrs. Dorothy K. Pilmer
Ms. K. Lisa Polansky
Dr. Rick Renslo and Dr. Jamie Renslo
Mr. Ulysses S. Richardson
Ms. Valerie N. Riener
Ms. Joan A. Risse
Mr. Matthew Brannan and Ms. Jennifer Robbins
Mr. Kacy Rozelle and Mrs. Marcia Rozelle
Mr. Matt Russert
Ms. Debra S. Saidoff
Mrs. Maria F. Schmidt
Mr. R. F. Schumacher and Mrs. Tina Schumacher
Mr. Bernard C. Silver and Mrs. Cecile M. Silver
Mr. Travis Smith
Mr. Robert G. Soto
Mr. Rob Stahl
Ms. Amy Stark
Mr. Todd Stella
Mr. Mark Stipkovitch
Mrs. Marjorie C. Stockett
Mr. Tim Swift
Ms. Virginia L. Templeton
Mr. Tom Torii
Mr. Jon Tringale
Mrs. Marianne Trintignac and Mr. Mickael Trintignac
Mr. Michael J. Tyo and Mrs. Marilyn A. Tyo
Mr. Robert Villaseñor
Mr. Robert S. Warnock and Mrs. Michele Warnock
Ms. Amanda Watson Johnson
Mr. Robert J. Webster
Ms. Jessie J. Weddle
Ms. Jamie Wells
William D. Bezdek Trust
Mrs. Mary Williams
Ms. Sharzad Winkelmann
Mr. Daniel W. Withers and Mrs. Wendy Withers
Mr. Harry Woo
Ms. Rachel Yanez
Mr. Mike Yim
Mr. John Zimmerman
San Diego Zoo Global
Mr. Gregorio Robles
In-N-Out Burger
Ms. Ruth N. Mejia
Bartlett Food Service
Social Butterfly Designs
Mr. Joseph A. Miller, Jr.
Mr. Alan L. Belinkoff
Mr. Richard Counsil and Mrs. Barbara Counsil
Mr. Miguel Barrios and Mrs. Danielle Y. D. Barrios
Ms. Lorraine Camacho
Mrs. Nancy P. Catanese
Mr. Donald J. Chappell
Ms. Eva Davis
Ms. Karla Delgado
Original Tommy's World Famous Hamburgers
Ms. Ellen O'Shea
Palomar College Pre-Med Club
Ms. Monique Rodriguez
Ms. Blanca Rojas
Yoga House
Mrs. Selma Benjamin
Mr. Robert B. Bennet and Mrs. Bobbye Bennett
Beth E. Rothman ATF
Mr. Patrick Bezdek and Mrs. Lynda J. Bezdek
Dr. Robert Paul Diamond and Mrs. Gerilyn T. Diamond
Mrs. Wreatha A. Edgar
Mr. Robert Faguet and Mrs. Kay Faguet
Falling Leaves Foundation, Inc.
Ms. Susan Friedman
Mr. Brian Hall
Mr. Peter Johansson
Ms. June L. Kinnee
Ms. Lien Ngo
Mr. Chandrakant R. Patel
Ms. Annette Pennock
Ms. Ranah Rahib
Mr. Joe Ramirez and Ms. Janice A. Pitzer
Mr. Richard Romero
Rousso Family Trust
Mr. Kenneth N. Scopp
Frederic T. Selleck, Ph.D.
Mr. Howard Simon and Mrs. Denise Simon
Spirit Cruises
Mr. Daniel Verduzco
Mr. K. C. Victor
Ms. Karen L. Warren
Mr. Alan Wilken and Ms. Joan Hansen
Mr. Wilson D. Buckmaster and Mrs. Lee E. Buckmaster
Laemmle Theaters
Mr. Mark W. Mathias
The Warehouse Restaurant
Ms. Gwendolyn Y. Collins
Edelweiss Candy Kitchen
Hugo's Restaurants
Mrs. Patricia Nerad
Odyssey Theatre
Mr. Patrick T. Beckley and Mrs. Lynn Beckley
Mr. David Faulkner and Mrs. Judy Faulkner
Mr. Michael Forte and Mrs. Amy Forte
Mr. Kent Healy
Mr. Tony Jones and Mrs. Louise Jones
Ms. Ursula C. Krummel
Rescue Pet Motorsports LTD
Mr. Kim N. Tran and Mrs. Nga N. Tran
Aquarium of the Pacific
Ms. Barbara Rollinson
Mr. Don F. Bechtold and Mrs. Shelley L. Bechtold
Dr. Ashis K. Mandal and Mrs. Mina R. Mandal
Ms. Nina M. Perry
Mrs. Ruth C. Pitt
Gourmet Blends Corporation
Ms. Leslie Arita
Ms. Elsy Castillo
Ms. Ana Vargas
Mr. Lorenzo Abcede and Mrs. Lourdes N. Abcede
Mr. Raul Espinosa and Mrs. Maria Aguirre Espinosa
Mrs. Barbara V. Bain
Mr. Thomas Balog
Mrs. Lucille U. Banks
Ms. Dori Bardavid
Mrs. Claudia E. Bell
Mr. Kenneth D. Blair and Mrs. Margaret N. Blair
William C. Boeck, Jr., M.D.
Ms. Aline Bognacki
Mr. William G. Boreham and Mrs. Nicole Boreham
Ms. Saundra Borie
Ms. Velma Brooks-Benson
Cerritos Center For The Performing Arts
Mr. Michael A. Connaughton and Mrs. Terri L. Connaughton
Mr. Kenneth R. Dalton and Mrs. Arlene E. Dalton
Ms. Tracey Daniell
Mr. John E. Davis and Mrs. Valerie L. Davis
Mr. Reid C. Delphey and Mrs. Barbara Delphey
Ms. Irma B. Derrick
Ms. Kristel P. Dongallo
John B. Doyle, Jr., M.D.
Mr. Arthur F. Drye and Mrs. Ruth T. Drye
EBI Fabrics Corporation
Mr. Leonard M. Efron and Mrs. Joy R. Efron
Mr. Howard E. Enstedt
Mrs. Gay G. Faucett
Mr. Ronald Fauquet
Fillmore & Western Railway Co.
Mrs. Frances R. Flikeid
Mr. Matthew B. Flores
Ms. Ellie J. Fronauer
Ms. Lorena Gomez Ponce
Mr. Morris M. Gurvin
Ms. Olivia Gutierrez
Donald L. Hager, M.D.
Mr. Thomas R. Hamilton and Mrs. Lyn H. Hamilton
Hearst San Simeon State Historical Monument
Ms. Ana L. Hernandez
Mr. Gustavo R. Hernandez and Mrs. Christina T. Hernandez
Mr. Kenneth D. Howard
Ms. Pamela R. Jenkins
Mr. Robert J. Jessing and Mrs. Roberta B. Jessing
Mr. Sidney Katz and Ms. Jeanne M. McKay
Mr. Gary R. Klein and Mrs. Pam Wigdahl Klein
Mr. W. K. Knipps
Mr. Damon Koronakos
Ms. Bette A. Krushell
Ms. Sharon Lasman
Dr. John F. Lawrence and Mrs. Emily J. Lawrence
Ms. Wendy P. Lee
Ms. Abbie Levine
Mr. Allen Levoff
Ms. Elaine J. Lew
Mrs. Doris H. Littlejohns
Mr. Lionel Llorens and Mrs. Mable L. Llorens
Ms. Guadalupe A. Lopez
Mr. John W. Majeski, Jr.
Mrs. Eve Marcus
Mrs. Eleanor R. Matek
Mr. and Mrs. James D. McClure
Mr. Don Merrill
Mr. E. George Metzger and Mrs. Maria B. Metzger
Mr. Alan Miyamoto and Mrs. Joann Miyamoto
Mr. Donald R. Moore and Mrs. Kathleen Moore
Mr. Michael E. Mulvihill and Mrs. Ann K. Mulvihill
Mr. Paul T. Nakamura and Mrs. Kikuno M. Nakamura
Mrs. Barbara L. Nelson
Mr. James A. Ostiller
Mr. Gregory B. Gershuni and Mrs. Candi Parks-Gershuni
Mr. Herbert W. Pencille and Mrs. Mildred A. Pencille
Ms. Nancy L. Pepper
Mr. Paul E. Pettler
Mr. Michel Philippart De Foy and Mrs. Corinne Philippart De Foy
Pink's Famous Hot Dogs
Mr. Clem Pullings and Mrs. Gwendolyn J. Pullings
Mr. Arthur M. Racklin
Ms. Rebecca O. Rangel
Mr. Mohsin Rasheed
Ms. Pamela M. Rieder
Mr. Lee E. Rosen and Mrs. Shirley K. Rosen
Ms. Leonida Salon
Mr. Jan F. Schatz
Ms. Kathleen Scott
Mr. Thomas A. Shadduck and Mrs. Angela I. Shadduck
Mr. Daniel C. Shapiro and Mrs. Annette R. Shapiro
Mr. Po Bik Shum
Dr. Kamla K. Singh and Dr. Piara Singh
Mr. John R. Spence and Mrs. Donna G. Spence
Star International Movers, LLC
Ms. Josephine C. Starr
Mr. Ian R. Stubbs and Mrs. Olive R. Stubbs
Mr. Mark A. Sustayta
Mr. Albert N. Taffoni
Mr. Alison T. Tanner and Mrs. Odette M. Tanner
The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Gardens
Mrs. Juanita H. Thompson
TM Management, LLC
Mr. Thomas F. Troy
Mr. Raymond G. Visser and Mrs. Carmelina L. Visser
Ms. Mary Ann J. Wong
Mr. Robert S. Zaas, C.P.A.
Red Line Tours
Richard Nixon Foundation
Western Bagel
Dr. Richard E. Bowen and Mrs. Ruby Bowen
Ms. Shayne C. Bradbury
Mr. Milton Hogue and Mrs. Joan L. Hogue
Miss Yolanda T. Martinez
Ms. Bertha A. Romero
Mr. William F. Stapley and Mrs. Caroline B. Stapley
Mr. James Pratt
Ms. Josephina Camberos
Ms. Marie F. Baker
Mr. Carlos R. Barrena and Mrs. Mary K. Barrena
Ms. Rowena Carin
Mr. Kenneth Cooper and Mrs. Carol Cooper
Mr. Bruce Daly and Mrs. Hyun Sook Daly
Ms. Kathleen Edler
Ms. Tondelayo C. Elboushi, DM, PHR, SHRM-CP
Mr. Louis A. Fletcher and Mrs. Janet K. Fletcher
Mr. Michael Harlan and Mrs. Stacey Harlan
Mr. Ryan Jenkins and Mrs. Lisa Jenkins
Ms. Kristie Kalev
Mr. Jerry T. Kopecek and Mrs. Carole Kopecek
Mr. Kent Larson
Ms. Brian Lesofsky
Dr. Patrick Donley and Dr. Jeanette Oka
Mr. Pablo Papagno and Mrs. Elena Papagno
Mr. Columbus Short
Mr. Matthew Smitham and Mrs. Kym Smitham
Mrs. Beverly Snavely
Mr. Michael Warter and Mrs. Janis Warter
Mr. Brian Yun and Mrs. Mary Yun
The Living Desert
AmazonSmile Foundation
Dolby Theatre
Mr. Mark Hama and Mrs. Mariko Hama
Ms. Mary J. Cantrell
Mrs. Josephine A. Ciavarella
Mr. Albert R. Halfon and Mrs. Naoma M. Halfon
Mr. Robert D. Martone
Mr. Richard W. Merritt and Mrs. Naelda V. Merritt
Mr. Alwar Vijayaraghauan
Mr. Joseph M. Watari and Mrs. Sachiko M. Watari
Nail Garden
Ms. Helen Quock
J. M. Albini
Mr. Marcelino Arteaga and Mrs. Edelmira Ruelas-Arteaga
Mr. Christian Baldonado
Ms. Marilyn P. Beaudry-Corbett
Mr. Jim G. Begg and Mrs. Judith U. Begg
Mr. Benjamin L. Borok and Mrs. Frances H. Borok
Ms. Ana Bravo
Mr. Edward T. Carrillo and Mrs. Gloria J. Carrillo
Mr. Sam Chocron
Mr. David C. Frankenthal
French Farmhouse
Ms. Annie Malak
Mr. Gilbert Z. Medina and Mrs. Valentina S. Medina
Mendocino Farms Sandwich Market
Dr. Charles E. Nye and Mrs. Edith L. Nye
Mr. Sergio J. Padilla and Mrs. Norma C. Padilla
Ms. Ana Pulido
Scandia Amusement Park
Mr. Darrell Wiest
Pamela A. Hovland/Mrs. Hovie's Toffee
Mr. Ferenc H. Pleth and Mrs. Margaretha Pleth
Mr. Edmund L. Russell and Mrs. Shirley L. Russell
Mrs. Vreni Schnirman
Mr. Edward C. Washington
Ms. Myrka Martinez
Ms. Elvia C. Aragon
Mr. Major J. Avignon and Mrs. Linda M. Avignon
Dr. Cindy Bailey
Dr. Sophia N. Barbarie and Mr. Thomas Vincent Barbarie
Mr. Barry Brown
Mr. Allen S. Brumer
Mr. Victor M. Burruel and Ms. Sonia Q. Burruel
Ms. Otilia M. Camacho
Cantrell Family Revocable Trust
Ms. Sherry Carlson Taylor
Ms. Perlita Clarke
Mrs. Andrea Conrad
Mr. Joseph D. Cuevas
Mr. Dale B. Davis
Mr. Coleman Engellenner
Mr. William W. Flory and Mrs. Jean Flory
Mr. Melvin Freedman and Mrs. Beverly L. Freedman
Mr. Eric W. Frost and Ms. Lorry M. Frost
Mr. Gerald J. George and Mrs. Willie J. George
Ms. Helene U. Goglin
Mr. James J. Gracio and Mrs. Marta A. Gracio
Ms. Velva J. Griffin
Ms. Helen R. Hayden
Mr. Richard C. Heiser and Mrs. Martha J. Heiser
Mr. Curtis C. Higgins
John D. Hsu, M.D.
Mr. Leonard T. Huckins and Mrs. Mary E. Huckins
Ms. Jessica Jimenez
Dr. Paul S. Jo and Mrs. Sarah Y. Jo
Ms. Rebecca Kahare
Ms. Sarah Kaplan
Dr. Michel J. Kearns
Mr. B. Neal Kleiner
Mr. Robert Kostolany and Mrs. Elizabeth Kostolany
Mr. Joseph C. Lantieri and Mrs. Brenda J. Lantieri
Ms. Lauri A. Lasman
Mr. Maurice Lebanoff and Mrs. Carole Lebanoff
Mr. Howard Leeds
Mr. Ricardo T. Macias
Ms. Teresa Mack
Ms. Mary L. Maruca
Ms. Shirley T. McDonald
Mr. Igor Miletic
Ms. Shan Nie
Mr. George Perches and Mrs. Mildred L. Perches
Mr. David P. Petersen and Mrs. Janet T. Petersen
Mr. Richard S. Polep and Mrs. Susan S. Polep
Mr. Klaus Putter
Mr. Timothy P. Roberts
Mr. Leo R. Robertson and Mrs. Betty Ann Robertson
Ms. Noe Saenz and Ms. Luisa E. Saenz
Mr. Don Sahlein and Ms. Lee Sahlein
Mrs. Cora Sanders
Mr. S. Richard Shostak and Mrs. Carole R. Shostak
Mr. Robbie Solomon
Mr. Marc I. Steinberg
Ms. Ana-Haydee Urda
Mr. Fred V. Waterman and Mrs. Beth Waterman
Old California Coffee House & Eatery
United Way - California Capital Region
Mr. Razmik Aghabegian and Mrs. Janet Aghabegian
Mr. Antonio Alvarenga
Ms. Nonnie Apilado
Mrs. Lisa Babros
Ms. Gail Berardiao
Ms. Marilynn Boyle
Mr. Kenneth E. Bradshaw
Mr. Carlos Cabezud
Mr. John M. Campbell and Mrs. J. F. Campbell
Mr. Robert A. Carreon and Mrs. Jane M. Carreon
Mr. Curtis R. Carter and Ms. Frances Carter
Mr. Elson Ceja
Ms. Janera Chacon
Ms. Delores Clark
Mr. Everett E. Demler and Ms. Dawn Bricker
Mr. John Dimassa and Mrs. Maria L. Dimassa
Mr. Dave Zukerman and Mrs. Pia Eriksson-Zukerman
Mr. Cesar Garcia
Ms. Nancy Giganti
Mr. Larry Gilhooly and Mrs. Marie Gilhooly
Mr. Jose Gonzalez Martinez
Mr. Doyle R. Horton and Mrs. Elizabeth L. Horton
Mr. Richard J. Jensen and Mrs. Phyllis J. Jensen
Mr. Geraldo Jimenez
Mr. Douglas Jolley and Mrs. Julie Jolley
Ms. Carolina Jovenich
Mr. Godfrey Long and Mrs. Jeanne Long
Ms. Carmen L. Marcano
Mr. Ryan C. Lewis and Mrs. Valerie Masterani-Lewis
Ms. Kelli McCabe
Ms. Cheryl McDonald
Ms. Lurdes Medina
Ms. Yohana Medina
Mr. Milan Merhaut and Mrs. Shirley Merhaut
Ms. Adriana Montoya
Ms. Gloria Montoya
Ms. Raye B. Murphy
Mrs. Barbara T. Myers
Mr. Nathan Nahmias and Mrs. Joyce Nahmias
Mr. William K. Okamura
Ms. Lydia R. Oller
Ms. Lupe Perez
Mr. Charles W. Peters and Mrs. Madeline M. Peters
Ms. Virginia Pruitt
Mr. Jorge Rabajo
Ms. Kayla Rivas
Ms. Marline Rodriguez
Ms. Mary G. Salary
Mr. James A. Schieldge and Mrs. Gwendolyn M. Schieldge
Mrs. Betty D. Showalter
Mrs. Madelyn L. Silverman
Ms. Patricia A. Smith
Mr. Ebernezer M. Stamps and Mrs. Pauline L. Stamps
Mr. Jimmy Swanson
Mrs. Marilyn B. Vickers
Ms. Catherine C. Wachtfogel
Reverend Lewis S. White and Mrs. Jessie B. White
Ms. Margarita Willen
Ms. Stacy S. Yamato-Jasmin
Dr. Jerry L. Patterson
Mrs. Evangeline Benitez
Mr. Ernesto S. Collantes and Mrs. Irma Collantes
Ms. Lillian C. Cummings
Ms. Barbara K. Friedman
Ms. Lenore Furman
Ms. Nancy Garcia
Ms. Georgette E. Golchan
Ms. Leanne Hall
Dr. Paul W. Johnson and Mrs. Marie C. Johnson
Mr. Welton A. Jones
Mr. Joseph M. Lespron and Mrs. Virginia Lespron
Ms. Ursula H. Lisiecki
Mr. Howard B. Lowitz and Mrs. Mona Lowitz
Ms. Aida N. Prieto
Mr. Manuel M. Robles-Gil and Mrs. Evelyn M. Robles-Gil
Mr. Neil C. Snyder and Mrs. Eva M. Snyder
Mr. Luis Camarena
Ms. Ana C. Azenon
Mr. Arthur A. Almeida and Mrs. Irene M. Almeida
Mrs. Roselyn M. Arbuckle
Mr. Craig M. Clarke and Mrs. Cynthia L. Clarke
Mr. Hai Diep
Mr. Joseph A. Domingue and Mrs. Janice M. Domingue
Mr. Narciso Encarnacion and Mrs. Mariquita M. Encarnacion
Mr. Joseph Gantman
Mr. Jose L. Garcia and Mrs. Maria Garcia
Mrs. Mary A. Girillo
Ms. Anita F. Gonzalez
Mr. Donald Greene
Mrs. Margaret L. Gross
Mr. Grant M. Hunter and Mrs. Marilynn A. Hunter
Ms. Nenna Johnson
Mr. Thomas R. Kaiser 
Mr. Kazuo Kataoka and Mrs. Ichiko Kataoka
Mr. Ben Komonee
Mr. Carlos V. Ku
Mrs. Saeko Kubokawa and Ms. Joann Maheu
Mr. William Last
Mr. Donald A. Lieu
Ms. Faustino Livas
Mr. Ben Mark and Mrs. Perla C. Mark
Ms. Shayra Marquez
Mr. Genji I. Miyagi and Mrs. Hazel T. Miyagi
Mr. Arvil R. Montgomery and Mrs. Christine Montgomery
Mr. Joe Oliveira
Ms. E. Catherine Passarelli
Mr. Ron Ploszaj and Mrs. Joanna Ploszaj
Mr. Robert G. Quon and Mrs. Ester M. Quon
Mrs. Yeda L. Richman
Mr. Steven K. Sakuma and Mrs. Janice M. Sakuma
Mrs. Molly Sayers
Mr. Shamuel Yadegaran and Ms. Rowshan Soloki
Mr. Gerald C. Sozio and Mrs. Joan M. Sozio
Ms. Lorna M. Willard
Mr. Henry J. Williams
Mrs. Phyllis Jean Wolf
Ms. Nellie M. Zepeda
Ms. Martha Gonzalez
Ms. Kristen Minder
Mr. Lawrence B. Wilner
Mr. Enrique Juarez
Mr. Paul T. Bradley
Mr. Prince E. Lewis and Mrs. Joyce M. Lewis
Ms. Naomi Sarabia
Mr. Robert R. Snyder and Mrs. Lucinda A. Snyder
Mr. Rudy M. Valencia and Mrs. Darlene Valencia
Ms. Daphney Ward
Ms. Amelia Kokoris
Ms. Patricia Lasko
Mr. Bernard Solarz
Mr. Leo E. Glaser
Mr. Kevin W. Kunz