OIC has changed the path of tens of thousands of children and we’re just getting started with the public phase of our 2020 campaign: A Vison For Our Future. The bulk of the $20 million endeavor will support the major reconstruction of the Lowman Building that will be transformed into a state-of-the-art medical pavilion.

Inside the new medical pavilion will be the largest pediatric orthopaedic urgent care center in the United States. It will include a new fracture clinic, physical therapy center, research laboratories, pharmacy, radiology center and lecture hall. This transformation follows our brand new Ambulatory Surgery Center that opened just 20 months ago and has dramatically improved access to surgeries for underserved children.

Our vision to be the preeminent provider of pediatric orthopaedic care in southern CA and beyond is clear. We have recruited more physicians and nurse practitioners than any other institution in Southern CA, published hundreds of our scientific discoveries, trained aspiring surgeons and researchers and reached across borders to improve the lives of our international children.

Here are more facts about the new Medical Pavilion:

  • OIC is the largest provider of pediatric-orthopaedic care in the Western U.S.
  • Our visits continue to grow each year – we treat more than double the pediatric orthopaedic patients of any other hospital in Los Angeles.
  • The current Lowman building was built in 1965 and has outlived its optimal medical usefulness.
  • Our plan for a new Medical Pavilion is both cost-effective and sustainable: OIC’s board weighed demolition/new construction (over $80 million) vs. major renovation –this comprehensive renovation will be $23 million.
  • We will combine $14.1 million in new philanthropic support with $5 million in proceeds from the new market tax credit program, and $3.3 million from the sale of property.
  • The 2020 Vision Campaign we are launching today includes:
    • $14.1 million: new Medical Pavilion
    • $4 million: direct medical care
    • $1.8 million: other essential programs (including research and training)
  • New Medical Pavilion will house the largest pediatric orthopaedic urgent care center and pediatric fracture clinic in the U.S. – 50% larger than our current patient care areas.
    • New Urgent Care Center is 7500 sq. ft. – 50% larger than our current Center.
    • New Fracture Clinic will be 4100 sq. ft. – we currently don’t have a dedicated fracture clinic.
    • Urgent Care Bays will be increased from 9 to 16, allowing us to keep pace with demand.
  • This state-of-the-art Medical Pavilion will allow us to treat kids more efficiently, reduce pain and suffering, appeal to commercially-insured families, and match facilities with the highest level of academic medicine.
  • Urgent Care, Imaging Center, and Fracture Clinic will be co-located allowing for comfort for the patient, more efficient staffing, and optimized care.
  • The new Medical Pavilion will allow us to better meet our mission and is essential in meeting our vision of being the preeminent provider of pediatric orthopaedics.
  • Architects, project management, and construction companies have been identified – permitting is in process.
  • Phase I begins Summer 2018 and includes:
    • new urgent care center
    • new pharmacy
    • new physical therapy center
    • seven new research labs
    • state-of-the-art imaging center
  • Phase II begins spring of 2019 and will complete by winter 2020 includes:
    • new fracture clinic
    • updated lecture hall
    • three new classrooms – currently we have no classroom space
    • more welcoming lobby
    • food galley with healthy choices
  • Despite an 18% increase in commercially-insured patient visits over the last two years, we have been eclipsed by a greater increase in MediCal visits, maintaining an overall payor mix of 90% Medical and 10% commercial.
  • This facility will allow us to continue to attract more even more commercially-insured patients and will improve our fiscal bottom line.


The 2020 campaign will ensure our expert surgeons, doctors, and nurses have the best facilities and equipment to care for the increasing numbers of children who come through our doors. We invite you to meet some of our children and their heartwarming experiences.

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We could not fulfill our mission without the generous support of families, corporations and foundations.

You truly make all the difference in our ability to meet our goals.