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Broken bones, schoolyard injuries, and even the rarest birth defects: we’ve got you covered. We set more bones and do more research into the causes and care of childhood orthopaedic conditions. How else could we help every child ensure a happy, healthy life?

Our Expertise

When it comes to helping kids we’ll leave no stone unturned. Our commitment to research and constantly improving treatment is reflected in our 105-year legacy of scientific inquiry and our wide range of specialties, including:

What Motivates Us

  • Isabella's Story

    When Isabella Lopez was born, her neonatologist referred her mother, Claudia Munoz, to an orthopaedic specialist who diagnosed her baby girl with clubfoot and arthogryposis, conditions that tighten and twist her joints and keep her from moving easily. “At the time, I knew that she would need special care,” Munoz says. “But I didn’t know much about her conditions or the implications for her life.”

  • Zachary's Story

    Zachary Nelson was born with a rare condition called diastrophic dysplasia, a disorder of the bone and cartilage that affects the musculoskeletal system. Only 9 years old, he has spent more time in the hospital and in doctors’ offices than most people will in a lifetime.

  • Golden's Story

    Imagine the peace of mind that comes with knowing expert medical care is nearby when your child needs it. Heather needed it for her beautiful daughter, Golden. Born prematurely, Golden spent 11 days in the hospital before the family went home together for the first time. Just three days later, Golden fell ill.

  • Jessica's Story

    Jessica Chou always knew she was different. There was no lightbulb moment or sudden realization, she just knew that her cleft palate made her unique. “I knew since childhood that I was different somehow; I always had to see doctors, I got braces when I was very young, and I had to get surgery at several points in my life,” says Jessica, now 21.

  • Yvonne's Story

    Every mother wants to give birth to a healthy baby. But what if your baby isn’t born that way? What if doctors tell you that, because the bones of your newborn’s lower legs will never grow, your baby girl will never, ever walk?

  • Gordon's Story

    Gordon Donlou was the first member of his family diagnosed with hemophilia. He experienced severe bleeding as a baby and was identified with hemophilia A at about 5 months old.

  • Greg's Story

    Greg MacLellan began his lifelong association with Los Angeles Orthopaedics Hospital even before he was born.

  • Barry's Story

    Greg MacLellan began his lifelong association with Los Angeles Orthopaedics Hospital even before he was born.

  • Ivanna's Story

    Ivanna was born with severe scoliosis, three missing ribs and a dislocated heart. Determined to give her a better life, her parents found OIC through our International Children's Program.

  • As'ad's Story

    This year, through our International Children’s Program, we met a brave 10 year-old Nigerian, As’ad Kashim, who was born with Cerebral Palsy (CP), a condition marked by impaired muscle coordination and/or other impairments.

  • Adelle's Story

    Five minutes into her soccer game, Adelle Levi’s shot was intercepted by a defender, causing her to fall directly on her arm. She knew right away that it was broken.

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12 Years of Age

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10 Years of Age

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the international children's program

The International Children’s Program (ICP) provides free, high-quality care to children from Mexico and other countries who have orthopaedic conditions. Through this charitable care program, more than 150,000 children have been treated by the board-certified surgeons at OIC.

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